Friday, May 14, 2010

My first blog..

Hmm... what to write on my first blog?

Actually this is not my first blog. I created one around 4 years back when i was in college, but lost track of it, due to a heavy schedule, while i was in CDAC. Now a days life in Siemens is far relaxing and I always get some time for self reflection. Of course life has changed a lot from CDAC days till now, maybe i learned to separate work pressure from personal life..

Last week, i happened to be alone in my flat for 2 days.. And i was thinking ways of doing something creative.. and i remembered about my blog that i created long back.. Then i tried to trace it back. unfortunately i wasnt able to.. Even though i dropped the idea temporarily, i decided, i will start a new one soon..

So one week later, today, i have created my new blog and yes i will keep it updated with my thoughts and knowledge!!

Welcome to my blog site "Reflection Of SElf or ROSE "

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  1. All the best wishes Roshni....
    Please try your best to maintain this as a good one...


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