Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mommy Diaries - Part II

         So things went on smoothly till she was 5 months old. Apart from vaccination visit to the doctor, I was full time relaxing at home with my daughter, Aagnetha (related to Greek Aagnes; Origin: Scandinavian; Derived from: Greek Hagnē, which is from hagnos; Meaning: chaste, pure, sacred). We affectionately called her Charu.

        I had to get back to work when she was 5 months old. Not that I was missing my work or anything but then I choose to join. It was really hard, to see her cry when I leave her. But, secretly I was happy to see that see misses me :) Even now when I see her running towards me when I get back home, I feel loved. Had she choose to stay with her caretaker or even her friends, I would have been devastated.

That is the one big change that happened: I HAVE BECOME POSSESSIVE!

        I never get attached to anything or anybody. I thought I was not emotional at all. When I was in my 10th grade, and it was our farewell day, I saw some girls crying. They said they will miss school, friends etc. I was wondering what's wrong with these girls, all these years, all I wanted was to get out of school. That was like a never ending torture to me. And they are crying! The funny part is, there was only one girls only school in entire town, and all these girls were again in the same (but another) school for their XI grade. And I saw the same thing happening in XI as well. This time also I didn't feel any particular emotion when I left my higher secondary school. But now, I become emotional by the very thought of my baby! Sometime it brings me to tears. This change started when i was pregnant as well, I could cry for any silly things, and that was a surprise for me, because I thought I was a very strong woman.

That is the second change that I am talking about: I HAVE BECOME EMOTIONAL!

As i have written in my previous post, i was more attracted to puppies, than to babies! Yes! Not that i am proud of it, but that is the truth. Whenever I see a puppy in the road while we were travelling, I used to tell my husband, how cute it is, can we pick him up and all (He don't like puppies). Now i dont pay much attention to puppies, but to babies, I feel an affection towards, any baby that I see. I saw my close friend's baby's photo posted in facebook, and that bought me to tears!

That's the next change : I LOVE BABIES (I envy retromummy)!

I was never used to sleep in day time. In fact I dont like day-sleepers. My mother sleeps in the afternoon, but she never really admit that she slept ;) I thought people could better use their time for some other productive work. That would improve their creativity as well.
Now i can sleep anytime, anywhere. I can sleep in the morning, afternoon, evening, night..bus, auto, I can even fall asleep in the middle of a meeting in the office :o That was unbelievable considering i have spend almost one and a half years during my college as an insomniac.
My daughter keeps me on my toes all through the evening and all I want is to hit the bed as soon as possible.

There it goes : I LOVE SLEEPING!

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