Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pink Or Blue ?

That is the most important issue in the whole world as soon as a woman gets pregnant. Even though no one explicitly expresses their secret inclination towards having a baby boy, this is in most of their minds, Is this just an unconscious repercussion, obvious in a male dominant society? Not that a girl child is unwelcomed, but there certainly is a likeness for boy. What could be the reasons?

In the current society, boys and girls are provided with education of same standard, and other amenities equally. Boys and girls go for work and enjoy financial independence at a young age. Parents want their children, boy or girl, to get quality education, reach good positions in their professional life, and also enjoy a comfortable personal life. The age old ‘glass ceiling’ theory about the stagnation in a woman’s career is only a myth these days. Discrimination and exploitation of woman employees are also making its way out of offices. Then what could be the difference, as far a parent is concerned, in bringing up a boy or girl?

One age-old argument that stands against a girl child is about the huge expense that can be incurred while marrying off her. The number of woman, who decides to postpone their marriage, till they attain a comfortable position in career and save money for marriage without placing a burden in parent’s shoulders (and even husband’s) for rest of their life, is on a rise these days.

Another issue is the risk of bringing up girl child in today’s unsafe world. There are a lot of names that appear in newspapers, all for wrong reasons, be there for a few days and their silently disappear from papers, from our minds, giving space to new names, new victims. There is an Aarushi, a Ruchika, and more recently a Sowmya and many more like that; whose case was not sensational enough more than an unemotional statement by a news reader, or single column news in a newspaper. Yes, these names are really haunting and capable enough for sleepless nights for parents of a girl child. But should these be only of concern to parents of girl children? Is it like bringing up a boy, is much easier? Are boys also not helpless victims of distorted minds? Are they not more susceptible to be influenced by terrorist group, wrong company and drugs? Do not parents have the responsibility to safeguard them?
These days woman cannot be named as weaker sex. They are more cunning, selfish, corruptive and go to any extend to attain money and position in life. They go hand in hand with criminals and even sex rackets.

courtesy: child abuse

It is the responsibility of parents, of both boy or girl, to ensure a trouble-free childhood, a focussed adolescence, and a free adulthood. Childhood must be a period for child, during which parents have to inculcate good values and habits for children. It is also a time when parents have to protect and pamper them, and make them understand that they are the most valuableassets in their lives and will be there to support them, whatever may come. During adolescence most of the children are confused or have a strange view on life. Instead of trying to change them, we only need to give them focus because they already know what’s right and wrong. An adult must be free to say and execute what he/she thinks is right.

But even with all these, every person will have to go through some difficult phases in life. There will be success and failures. Parents cannot protect their child from all mishappenings. Life is like a sine wave. What goes up has to come down. All they can do is be there with them and give them strength to overcome failures. Worrying or over reacting will only worsen the situation. Life was not a bed of roses for us; that will be same for our children also. All those failures in exam, or not getting through an interview or an unexpected personal loss or a heartbreak, all made us more strong and ready to take anything in life. We actually gained more than what is lost. So why are parents so concerned when this repeat in our children’s life?

So be it pink or blue, the signal is green. Signal for taking up responsibility of a child. Recently lyrics of a movie song touched my heart:

“Moziariyakunjungal, valarendennadyamtonni,
Valarnalum, ennumneeyenkurunnutanne”